Our Universal Space

higher than the mountains
as far as the distant seas
the hands of our hearts
the feet of our souls
reach out
and we touch
we hold
our universal space
our divine place
of pure love 
exalting peace

A thousand years of love

Let's walk in the path of light
where one day
is the breath
of a thousand years
of love..

Detach to Attach

When I am detached from worldly matters
I am attached to the divinity within me

Petals In My Heart - Lyrics

Petals in my heart
These lyrics represent a deep emotion of a time when I was in Japan getting my strength back to fly on the plane home after what was then a mysterious illness. I was afraid and very homesick. It was recorded in Greek with no preparation of prior lyrics or tunes. It came out in it’s own stream after reading a quote by Mother Teresa..’do everything for God…and keep this joy ever burning in your heart’. I’m not a great singer but I’m glad this song came out so I could share it. I’m also glad I captured it on video so I could write down the lyrics, those poetry of feelings that are always within me.

black eyes
looking at the petals
looking at the petals
what fragrance

the moon passed by
in my sides it became fire
that glows in my heart
fire glows in my heart

I was walking somewhere there far away
Feeling a fright in this foreign land
I bent down and looked at the petals
the beautiful ones
the flowers that were in the garden patch
of my father’s and my mother’s
yet I was far away

in this foreign land
in this foreign land

the heart
it is beating on the door of home
far beyond the mountains
let us go home in our minds
we go home in our minds

it is crying
it is crying
the heart
for the seashore
I remember
when I was a little girl
together with you
dad, dad

petals in my heart dad
I hold them in my hands as I walk
strange roads that I don’t know
but I walk with the petals

they are yours, they are yours
in my memory
in yours, in yours

© Maria Mitsos

Magnificent Love

I was feeling ravenous today, like I wanted to fill some part of me that was missing and nothing could satisfy it. Catching myself looking into the pantry, I stopped in my tracks and went into my room, picked up my guitar and sang my Angels song to calm me and bring me back to my true self. It's a call for Angels to come into my heart and into my life. This song then came to me and brought me peace and a satisfied feeling of love:

Magnificent Love

carry love
to the fire
keep it burning
don't let it go out
only have one chance
on this earth
to show love
and share love
for the after life
magnificent love
magnificent love
high above
what our soul knows
is a supernatural love
than we can go
than we can go

keep the love burning
love your mother earth
and her people
and her soul
for mother earth
has a soul
she not only
lives and breathes like you
she has a soul too

magnificent love
you only have this chance on earth
one time
to make it the best
you care
in love and truth, love and truth
in love and truth, love and truth
magnificent love
here and beyond
here and beyond

Poem - Cabin of Love


spring is boarding
they’ve landed
on the grass
in the flowers and trees...

your calling has begun
feeding, filling your beaks

come, come
gather close into my arms

now flap, flap your wings
carry me high
into the stream

up, in and out
on a roundabout
in a cabin of love

looking out
the broken window
drifting lazily
you carry me
you make of me
a love heart
in the sky

I am with you
I am with you

I am with you

By Maria Mitsos

A Poem: The Little Voice

This poem came out as I strummed a couple of chords on my guitar. I hope one day I can make a difference and give the little voices some power.

The Little Voice

there’s a little child
walking home
from the water well

he is tired
his feet are bleeding
no shoes to heal the sores

maybe someone can save him

does he..does he know any more?
the world that he was born into, was it..was it his fault?
is he crying? is he crying at night?
is God..is God going to listen to him?
little child, little child, little child, little child
it ain’t fair..it ain’t fair what is done
it ain’t fair..it ain’t fair what is done
power, power to the little voice
power, power to the little voice

By Maria Mitsos

Under our Angel's wings

Under our Angel's wings

in our wilderness
as we search for meaning
we are looking down
to the ground
yet above and around
we are safe in a tent
made of our Guardian Angel's wings

Poem by Maria Mitsos 

Follow your calling. Be true to your primary condition.

The primary condition is to follow one's own calling. The secondary condition it to be in the vicinity of family and friends.

Be true to your primary condition.